A Scratch Above Lust.
A scratch above lust.

1. Hourglass 2. King Of The World 3. Flying Colours 4. We Could Be The Best 5. There’s Something About The Winter 6. Charlatan 7. Bit My Lip 8. My Head’s At War 9. Summer Chill.

Smile? I couldn’t have bought a better one.

I wrote an awesome song last night. Has a very Brand New-ish feel. Good times.

I’m gonna try and do a cover in half term.

Any suggestions?

(suggest anything, I’m easy)

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This is my version of You Me At Six’s Stay With Me. I recorded Piano, Acoustic Guitar and Bass.

Please give me feedback or whatever, It took me a while. And bear in mind that this was the first time I have ever used a keyboard properly.

Thankyou x


I would upload some music now, but they are the wrong file type, and the conversion site isn’t working. Sorry!

Busy Bee.

I currently have 11 of my own songs recorded, and a cover. Sadly, there are no vocals as we speak, I’ll try to get some down when I have time, which will most likely be in the holidays over Christmas. 

I have roughly 30 songs worth of lyrics as well, all stored in my book. 

If you have any requests for covers or anything, let me know, I’ll consider most things.